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Kra­nus Health GmbH

Das digi­tale Gesund­heits­we­sen in Deutsch­land wird in den nächs­ten Jah­ren zu einer Multi-Mil­li­ar­den Euro Bran­che wach­sen, getrie­ben u.a. vom Digi­ta­len Ver­sor­gungs Gesetz und den Impli­ka­tio­nen von Covid-19. Das sind wir, eine digi­tale Gesund­heits­platt­form für Män­ner. Wir ent­wick­len digi­tale The­ra­pien nach neus­ten wis­sen­schaft­li­chen Erkennt­nis­sen für Erkran­kun­gen im Bereich Sexual Gesund­heit.
Wir sind ein Grün­der­team mit einem Hin­ter­grund in wachs­tums­star­ken Tech Start-ups sowie Pro­fes­sor Dr. Mil­ler aus der Cha­rité Ber­lin. Nach erfolg­rei­cher Seed Finan­zie­rungs­runde, suchen wir nun wei­tere Ver­stär­kung für unser Team.
Du bist bereit mit uns gemein­sam die Gesund­heits­bran­che zu trans­for­mie­ren und zu digi­ta­li­sie­ren? Dann bewirbt Dich jetzt!

Plat­form Engi­neer


@Health­Tech Start-up

Working field:

Become part of our grow­ing diverse Product & Engin­eer­ing org and take our first product, Kranus
Edera, to the next level by tak­ing our infra­struc­ture over from our Founder/CTO and report dir­ectly
to him.

Check out our README to learn more about us and our cul­ture:

Your main task will be to keep build­ing out & main­tain­ing our Plat­form as our product port­fo­lio
and patient num­bers start scal­ing:
  • Microservice-based FastAPI backend run­ning on EKS
  • kus­tom­ize + ArgoCD for Git­Ops
  • Ter­ra­form (partly Cloud, partly CLI)
  • Datadog for Mon­it­or­ing
  • Git­Hub Actions for CI
You will also be a key con­trib­utor in devel­op­ing our product archi­tec­ture going for­ward as we also
aim to go inter­na­tional.


You are
  • Flu­ent in Eng­lish (Ger­man just a plus) and a good com­mu­nic­ator - grow­ing the plat­form is a team effort
  • In-depth exper­i­ence with k8s in pro­duc­tion
  • Exper­i­ence with IaC tools like Ter­ra­form in pro­duc­tion
  • At least basic work­ing know­ledge of Git­Ops
  • You def. know your way around Linux
  • Will­ing­ness to learn new tech­no­lo­gies
  • OK with on-call duties

Ideally you also
  • Can ima­gine becom­ing a Plat­form Lead and lead the Plat­form team in the future as the com­pany con­tin­ues to grow
  • Have exper­i­ence in net­work­ing (e.g. VPNs)
  • (Exper­i­ence with tools like Ans­ible and Rancher is also wel­come!)

What we offer:

  • Really help people and make a dif­fer­ence by work­ing on med­ical products that help users every day
  • All the tools you know - AWS, DataDog, Slack, Git­Hub, Figma etc. & choose your device (Mac/Win­dows/Linux)
  • Com­pany of own­ers - all full-time employ­ees get equity in the com­pany
  • Oppor­tun­ity to work on new products and cre­ate a team around you as the com­pany con­tin­ues to grow if you are up for the chal­lenge
  • Fast-paced star­tup envir­on­ment with very flat hier­arch­ies
  • Inter­na­tional envir­on­ment (even though our web­site in Eng­lish is a work in pro­gress ;-)
  • Fun and smart people to work with
  • Com­pany Bene­fits: Bene­fit-Budget, Com­pany Pen­sion Plan, "Take-as-much-as-you-need" vaca­tion policy