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YARA Digital Farm­ing - Agri­cul­tural Tech­no­logy

Yara grows know­ledge to respons­ibly feed the world and pro­tect the planet. Sup­port­ing our vis­ion of a world without hun­ger and a planet respec­ted, we pur­sue a strategy of sus­tain­able value growth, pro­mot­ing cli­mate-friendly crop nutri­tion and zero-emis­sion energy solu­tions. Yara’s ambi­tion is focused on grow­ing a cli­mate pos­it­ive food future that cre­ates value for our cus­tom­ers, share­hold­ers and soci­ety at large and deliv­ers a more sus­tain­able food value chain.

Per­form­ance Mar­ket­ing Intern (f/m/d)


Working field:

About the Unit
For over a cen­tury, Yara has worked to feed the world and pro­tect the planet, and our mis­sion is to do so respons­ibly and sus­tain­ably. Yara provides crop nutri­tion products, solu­tions, and know­ledge to 20 mil­lion farm­ers across 160 coun­tries and has helped to reduce NOx emis­sions by 1.4 mil­lion tons in 2016. That's equi­val­ent to all the NOx emis­sions pro­duced in France or Ger­many. With this level of reach, you'll be able to make a real and tan­gible impact on your work.

A newly estab­lished global unit called Digital Farm­ing has been cre­ated within Yara to use digital solu­tions to help us achieve this goal. We are build­ing solu­tions for farm­ers, con­struct­ing hard­ware and sensors, crunch­ing satel­lite data, apply­ing arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, and turn­ing research res­ults into solu­tions. Our team is made of design­ers, soft­ware engin­eers, hard­ware developers, data sci­ent­ists, solu­tion man­agers, and product own­ers. The suc­cess of Digital Farm­ing and its solu­tions is a key pri­or­ity within Yara, and we plan to sig­ni­fic­antly grow our global busi­ness pres­ence in this field.

About the Role
This role will make you a gen­er­al­ist, a high-level pro­fes­sional, who is able to cover sev­eral dis­cip­lines within per­form­ance and growth mar­ket­ing. You'll learn the basics of the most import­ant mar­ket­ing chan­nels such as Face­book Advert­ising, Google Ads, pro­gram­matic, and more.

Your intern­ship will be divided in two phases: a first phase where you will learn everything about per­form­ance mar­ket­ing, and a second phase where you will apply these new acquired skills to exper­i­ments (A/B Tests, lift tests, etc) together with the exper­i­ment­a­tion team.


First part of the intern­ship:

  • Assist per­form­ance mar­ket­ing man­agers in their day-to-day mar­ket­ing oper­a­tions in paid acquis­i­tion chan­nels (all chan­nels but a stronger focus on paid social)
  • Work closely with the team to cre­ate reports, learn­ing how to ana­lyse per­form­ance trends and test hypo­theses to help shape go-to-mar­ket strategies, as well uncover cre­at­ive and optim­iz­a­tion best prac­tices.
  • Run con­stant mar­ket­ing exper­i­ments on dif­fer­ent mar­ket­ing chan­nels and doc­u­ment learn­ings
  • Mon­it­or­ing the Atfarm social media plat­forms, sug­gest­ing tac­tic adjust­ments as needed.
  • Col­lab­or­ate with cross-func­tional stake­hold­ers to develop mar­ket share and com­pet­it­ors’ insights
  • Sup­port cam­paign con­tent deliv­ery qual­ity assur­ance (includ­ing learn­ing how to cre­ate ratios for diverse ad formats).
  • Assist in cre­at­ing stream­lined pro­cesses and doc­u­ment­a­tion to com­mu­nic­ate cam­paign strategies.
  • Sup­port qual­ity assur­ance on BI data for the dif­fer­ent chan­nels to ensure data accur­acy

Second part of the intern­ship:

By keep­ing some of the above-men­tioned cap­ab­il­it­ies, you will also:
  • Sup­port the Growth and Exper­i­ment­a­tion Man­ager to run exper­i­ments effect­ively.
  • Define the KPIs, the bench­marks, and the trig­gers to run exper­i­ments together with the stake­hold­ers.
  • Be respons­ible for run­ning x-dis­cip­line exper­i­ments within the growth team, their reports, and their doc­u­ment­a­tion. The present­a­tion of the learn­ings to the vari­ous stake­hold­ers across the com­pany will be done together with the dis­cip­line leads.


  • Enrolled as a stu­dent or recent gradu­ate of cre­at­ive stud­ies, mar­ket­ing, busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion or another related area
  • Found­a­tional know­ledge and Interest in mar­ket­ing strategies, includ­ing con­tinu­ing edu­ca­tion of new mar­ket­ing tac­tics and tools.
  • Verbal and writ­ten com­mu­nic­a­tion skills in Eng­lish (Ger­man, Span­ish, or other European lan­guages is a plus)
  • Pro­fi­ciency with spread­sheets and present­a­tion soft­ware
  • Aptitude with vari­ous social media plat­forms as well as the basic data track­ing tools asso­ci­ated with them
  • Abil­ity to quickly learn and pro­cess inform­a­tion
  • Organ­iz­a­tional and time man­age­ment skills
  • You have a strong ana­lyt­ical mind­set, and love to deal with data and num­bers. You can write and read reports.
  • You are cre­at­ive and like to chal­lenge the status quo, keep­ing your mind open to new scen­arios and oppor­tun­it­ies.
  • You have an interest in agri­cul­ture and its effect on the world. You like to have an impact with your job and increase sus­tain­ab­il­ity in this field.

What we offer:

Your Learn­ing Curve:

  • Per­form­ance Cam­paigns: You will learn how to run effect­ive tests in the ongo­ing cam­paigns. You will learn about seg­ment­a­tion, tar­get audi­ences, tone of voice, etc
  • Tests: you will learn the dif­fer­ence among the sev­eral way of test­ing things (split tests, lift tests, etc).
  • CRO: you will learn about con­ver­sion rate optim­iz­a­tion across all the touch­points, from cam­paigns to product design.
  • Pro­ject Man­age­ment: you will assist and learn how to set up, organ­ise, and run pro­jects effect­ively across dif­fer­ent dis­cip­lines.
  • Ana­lyt­ical Skill­set: you will learn how to read the cam­paign res­ults and turn quant­it­at­ive data in qual­it­at­ive learn­ings. You will be able to under­stand the res­ults of the exper­i­ments and present them to the stake­hold­ers.

You get:

  • Evolving tech devel­op­ment divi­sion of an estab­lished agri­cul­tural products and ser­vices com­pany.
  • Explore and develop digital, soft­ware, hard­ware products, which provide value to farm­ers, small­holder com­munit­ies and the value chain.
  • Be part of our mis­sion to build sus­tain­able solu­tions that bene­fit human­ity and the envir­on­ment.
  • Sup­port for per­sonal devel­op­ment, train­ing and con­tinu­ous learn­ing.
  • Com­mit­ment to using new tech­no­lo­gies and frame­works, meetups, and know­ledge shar­ing.

How to apply: