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Ber­tels­mann SE & Co. KGaA

Ber­tels­mann has a world­wide pre­sence in around 50 coun­tries with its core busi­nes­ses of media and ser­vices. Its key geo­gra­phi­cal mar­kets are Wes­tern Europe – espe­cially Ger­many, France, Bri­tain and Spain – as well as the United Sta­tes. Ber­tels­mann is also streng­the­ning its invol­ve­ment in growth regi­ons like China, India and Bra­zil. Ber­tels­mann’s cor­po­rate divi­si­ons include RTL Group (tele­vi­sion), Pen­guin Ran­dom House (books), Gru­ner + Jahr (maga­zi­nes), Arvato (ser­vices) and the Ber­tels­mann Prin­ting Group (print).

Ber­tels­mann SE & Co. KGaA is a capi­tal mar­ket-ori­en­ted, unlis­ted part­nership limi­ted by sha­res. As a cor­po­rate hol­ding, it hand­les cen­tral Group func­tions such as cor­po­rate stra­tegy deve­lop­ment, capi­tal allo­ca­tion, finan­cing, and manage­ment deve­lop­ment. The com­pany's inter­nal gover­nance and reporting reflect its cor­po­rate struc­ture, which con­sists of the ope­ra­ting divi­si­ons as well as Cor­po­rate Invest­ments and the Cor­po­rate Cen­ter.

MEDIAN Ber­tels­mann Data Sci­ence Pro­gram 2018

no­ch of­fen

15 months, 3 rota­ti­ons, big data poten­tial


We are invit­ing you to join MEDIAN, our inter­na­tio­nal data sci­ence rota­tio­nal pro­gram. During the 15-month pro­gram, you will be invol­ved in imple­men­ting a num­ber of data-dri­ven pro­jects throughout various Ber­tels­mann divi­si­ons world­wide.

Tackle the chal­len­ges digi­tiza­t­ion and big data pre­sent to our diverse busi­nes­ses and help us deve­lop inno­va­tive solu­ti­ons. Push the pos­si­bi­li­ties of machine learning to the limits and shape the future of the media, ser­vices and edu­ca­tion indus­tries with us.

The first cohort of MEDIAN will begin in fall 2018. Trainees will build on their exper­tise by working side-by-side with top data sci­en­tists. Over the course of 15 months, trainees will take a deep dive into at least three major data pro­jects. The data sci­ence trainees will wrestle with diverse data sets, crack the most com­plex data chal­len­ges and shar­pen their pro­fi­ci­ency in dif­fe­rent tools and pro­gramming lan­gua­ges – all in an inter­na­tio­nal set­ting.

What you can expect:
  • 3 rota­ti­ons, 5-months each, over a span of 15 months
  • Deep expo­sure to data sets in diverse Ber­tels­mann com­pa­nies (for example: pro­gram­ma­tic adver­ti­sing, AI for chat­bots, fraud detec­tion and risk manage­ment in finan­cial tran­sac­tions, Smart Energy solu­ti­ons for the uti­li­ties mar­ket, etc.)
  • Oppor­tu­nity to work inter­na­tio­nally (for example: USA, Ger­many, France, UK)
  • Com­pe­ti­tive salary and bene­fits

What you‘ll be doing:
  • Desi­gning new data pro­ducts and deve­lo­ping big data capa­bi­li­ties in order to address busi­ness model chal­len­ges and offer solu­ti­ons
  • Col­la­bo­ra­ting with inter­na­tio­nal teams to drive usage and adop­tion of new data pro­ducts and capa­bi­li­ties
  • Using and fur­ther enhan­cing machine learning methods and tools
  • Under­stan­ding and lever­aging new data sour­ces and inte­grate tra­di­tio­nal struc­tu­red data with raw data from web­sites, social media and third par­ties
  • Mode­ling and framing busi­ness sce­na­rios that are mea­ningful and impact cri­ti­cal busi­ness deci­si­ons
  • Sup­porting change wit­hin the orga­niza­t­ion

What you should bring:
  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in a quan­ti­ta­tive field such as Data Sci­ence, Com­pu­ter Sci­ence, Sta­ti­s­tics, Engi­nee­ring, App­lied Mathe­ma­tics, Phy­sics or rela­ted topics
  • Advan­ced know­ledge of stan­dard methods across the ent­ire data sci­ence pro­ces­sing pipe­line
  • Pro­ven expe­ri­ence in working with big data to deve­lop inno­va­tive data pro­ducts and capa­bi­li­ties in order to extract actionable insights (via internships, rese­arch pro­jects, etc.)
  • A desire to con­stantly train yours­elf and hone your data skills wit­hin a busi­ness con­text
  • Pro­blem-sol­ving mind­set with strong rela­ti­ons­hip buil­ding, col­la­bo­ra­tive and com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills
  • Geo­gra­phic fle­xi­bi­lity; tra­vel and relo­ca­tion will be requi­red, as pro­jects are loca­ted throughout the world for the ent­ire dura­tion of the pro­gram
  • Strong know­ledge of both super­vi­sed and unsu­per­vi­sed machine learning methods
  • Solid pro­gramming skills in Python and R; addi­tio­nal pro­gramming lan­gua­ges such as SAS, Scala, Spark, C/C++ or Java are a plus
  • Know­ledge of data­ba­ses, data­base con­cepts, data­base design and rela­ted lan­gua­ges/tools such as SQL, NoSQL, Hive, etc.
  • Visual sto­ry­tel­ling exper­tise is a plus
  • For­eign lan­gua­ges are a plus

Please send your app­li­ca­tion to Nico Rose:

For more infor­ma­tion or to apply online, please visit our web­site:

Apply until the end of May 2018.

Dis­clo­sure requi­re­ments per­tai­ning to the collec­tion of your per­so­nal data:
Res­pon­si­ble for pro­ces­sing the infor­ma­tion pro­vi­ded in your app­li­ca­tion: Ber­tels­mann SE & Co. KGaA, Carl-Ber­tels­mann Str. 270, 33311 Güters­loh („Ber­tels­mann“), who may also assign this task to third-party ser­vice pro­vi­ders. Ber­tels­mann will pro­cess your data as pro­vi­ded for by Sec­tion 26(1) sen­tence 1 of the Ger­man Federal Data Pro­tec­tion Act (BDSG-new) for the pur­pose of con­duc­ting the app­li­ca­tion and selec­tion pro­cess for MEDIAN - Ber­tels­mann Data Sci­ence Pro­gram (MEDIAN) - based on review­ing your cur­ri­cu­lum vitae, a posi­tion-based selec­tion test, a first round of inter­views, and an assess­ment day. Fol­lo­wing from your decla­ra­tion of con­sent pur­suant to Sec­tion 26(2) of the Ger­man Federal Data Pro­tec­tion Act (BDSG-new), selec­ted repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of other group alli­ance mem­bers will take part in the staf­fing deci­sion and inter­views. Based on Arti­cle 49(1) a of the Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­tion (GDPR), your per­so­nal data will be trans­mit­ted to reci­pi­ents in third coun­tries (non-EU mem­ber sta­tes), in the absence of an ade­quacy deci­sion or sui­ta­ble gua­ran­tees for ensu­ring an appro­priate level of data pro­tec­tion for the pro­ces­sing of your data by these coun­tries and their ser­vice pro­vi­ders. The respec­tive com­pa­nies will treat your data con­fi­den­ti­ally. At the above address you can revoke your aut­ho­riza­t­ion for the use of your data at any time with imme­diate effect, con­tact Ber­tels­mann‘s data pro­tec­tion offi­cer, or request a copy of these under­ta­kings. For fur­ther infor­ma­tion on the data pro­tec­tion pro­gram for MEDIAN, see