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Bab­bel (Les­son Nine GmbH)

Foun­ded in 2007, Bab­bel is the world’s top-gross­ing and most effect­ive lan­guage-learn­ing app. No small feat, and no small chal­lenge. In a moment rife with talk of walls, we’re build­ing bridges — mak­ing the lan­guage-learn­ing jour­ney as excit­ing and empower­ing as pos­sible, help­ing people forge new con­nec­tions and par­ti­cip­ate in worlds big­ger than their own. We do things that mat­ter. And fore­most, we make people speak their new lan­guage as they’ve always wanted to. Come work with us.

There’s still so much to do.

Bab­bel is for every­one, not some niche or elite strata of learners. Every­one. As our user base has grown, so has what they need from us. Their learn­ing needs, life exper­i­ences, and ref­er­ence points become more var­ied and col­our­ful by the day. Meet­ing that means ensur­ing users see them­selves reflec­ted —not just in our product— but the world it allows them to ima­gine with us. That means reflect­ing the dynam­ism and diversity of our users, as much as pos­sible, in the pro­duc­tion of Bab­bel. We cur­rently have 600 people from more than 50 nation­al­it­ies work­ing in our Ber­lin and New York offices, chal­len­ging and learn­ing from each other at every step. A cul­ture of dif­fer­ence and dig­nity is crit­ical to how we’ve con­nec­ted with mil­lions of users, in every hemi­sphere.

Work­ing Stu­dent Visual Design

Work­ing field:

You will:

  • Have a cent­ral role in the con­cep­tu­al­isa­tion and exe­cu­tion of graph­ics for social media cam­paigns and con­tent mar­ket­ing chan­nels
  • Sup­port the design team with the pro­duc­tion of design mater­i­als from new con­cepts to roll-out
  • Image edit­ing, includ­ing retouch­ing and post-pro­duc­tion
  • Research for new con­cepts and ideas
  • Sup­port the team with design­ing and devel­op­ing assets for online cam­paigns
  • Ensure visual and brand con­sist­ency


You have:

  • A cur­rent status of a stu­dent in a design-related field and have already com­pleted 3 semesters
  • Know­ledge of Adobe Cre­at­ive Suite (Pho­toshop, Illus­trator, InDes­ign) and will­ing­ness to learn a new soft­ware
  • Under­stand­ing of the web and have a good eye for design
  • Excel­lent com­mand of Eng­lish, both writ­ten and spoken
  • Abil­ity to get things done, with a go-get­ter atti­tude and a hands-on men­tal­ity
  • Cre­at­ive point of view whilst work­ing within the brief and pro­ject guidelines
  • Abil­ity to work inde­pend­ently with high motiv­a­tion and an eager­ness to learn
  • Port­fo­lio of work that demon­strates your skill set in design
  • Know­ledge of Online Mar­ket­ing and Social Media a plus

Nice to have:

  • Illus­tra­tion and pho­to­graphy skills

How to ap­ply: