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Stif­tung Neue Ver­ant­wor­tung

Die Stif­tung Neue Ver­ant­wor­tung ist eine gemein­nüt­zige Denk­fa­brik in Ber­lin, die Exper­tise aus Poli­tik, For­schungs­ein­rich­tun­gen, NGOs und Unter­neh­men zusam­men­bringt, um über­par­tei­li­che Vor­schläge für die Gesell­schaft im tech­no­lo­gi­schen Wan­del zu ent­wi­ckeln, zu dis­ku­tie­ren und zu ver­brei­ten.

Edi­to­rial stu­dent assi­stant for the blog "about:intel"

Work­ing field:

The Stif­tung Neue Ver­ant­wor­tung is an inde­pen­dent think tank that deve­lops con­crete ideas for how poli­tics can shape tech­no­lo­gi­cal change in society, the eco­nomy, and the state. Recently, we laun­ched about:intel ( - a new pan-European blog on intel­li­gence, tech­no­logy, and demo­cracy. In coope­ra­tion with part­ners in the UK and France, we curate and publish arti­cles from European intel­li­gence experts in all rele­vant sec­tors: intel­li­gence agen­cies, over­sight insti­tu­ti­ons, government, legis­la­tive bodies, indus­try, aca­de­mia, and civil society. Visit to learn more.

For about:intel, we are loo­king for an edi­to­rial stu­dent assi­stant (12 hours per week) star­ting in Janu­ary. You will be assis­ting the edi­tor and will become a mem­ber of our team working on the inter­sec­tion of digi­tal rights, sur­veil­lance, and demo­cracy, for­mu­la­ting con­struc­tive ideas on how government sur­veil­lance moni­to­ring in a net­wor­ked society can be effec­tively con­trol­led, rea­son­ably limi­ted, and suf­fi­ci­ently docu­men­ted.

About your role:

You will assist the edi­tor with

  • Edi­t­ing (for style, grammar, con­tent, argu­ment, and form)
  • Sub-edi­t­ing (head­lines, decks, excerpts, pic­tures)
  • Edi­to­rial stra­tegy (scou­ting for topics, deter­mi­ning dis­cus­sion ques­ti­ons, poli­ti­cal con­text, & nar­ra­tive, fol­lo­wing key deve­lop­ments in Europe, deve­lo­ping inter­linkages with policy & other publi­ca­ti­ons etc.)
  • Publi­shing (Word­press)
  • Scou­ting and acqui­ring con­tri­bu­ti­ons (sur­vey­ing the European actor land­s­cape, reaching out to poten­tial aut­hors, mana­ging con­tri­bu­ti­ons)
  • Web­site main­ten­ance & deve­lop­ment
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tion & out­re­ach (News­let­ter, Twit­ter, etc.)
  • Main­tai­ning & expan­ding a net­work of European experts


About you:
  • You are cur­r­ently enrol­led in a Mas­ter’s pro­gram in jour­na­lism, poli­tics, inter­na­tio­nal rela­ti­ons, com­mu­ni­ca­tion or a rela­ted field of study such as law, socio­logy, or European stu­dies.
  • You have initial edi­to­rial expe­ri­ence, be it with a news­pa­per, an aca­de­mic or pro­fes­sio­nal jour­nal, maga­zine, radio, TV, web­site, your own blog, or any other publi­ca­tion.
  • You are inte­rested in, and ide­ally pos­sess some know­ledge on, the fol­lo­wing topics: sur­veil­lance and intel­li­gence, digi­tal rights and civil liber­ties, European data poli­tics, tech­no­logy, European secu­rity.
  • Excel­lent Eng­lish skills (oral and writ­ten). Speaking Ger­man is not a requi­re­ment.
  • You thrive in a team-based envi­ron­ment, work reli­ably, inde­pendently, and with atten­tion to detail, and are exci­ted to be part of a new kind of jour­na­listic publi­ca­tion.

What we of­fer:

To apply, please upload your latest CV (wit­hout a pic­ture) and a brief cover let­ter to The clo­sing date for this app­li­ca­tion is Decem­ber 1, 2019. Unfor­tu­n­a­tely, tra­vel expen­ses can­not be cove­red.