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Wiz­ard on Demand

At Wiz­ard on Demand, we pro­duce enga­ging and ori­ginal tech­nical art­icles for soft­ware com­pan­ies. We’re a small team cre­at­ing the best tech­nical blog posts and doc­u­ment­a­tion about soft­ware and soft­ware-related top­ics.

Tech­nical Writer - part-time, remote


Improve your tech­nical writ­ing skills, work remotely and with a flex­ible sched­ule.

Work­ing field:

As a Tech­nical Writer you will help us pro­duce high-qual­ity tech­nical art­icles. This includes:

  • Doing research on the top­ics of soft­ware devel­op­ment, machine learn­ing, and indus­trial auto­ma­tion to under­stand the areas you’ll be writ­ing about. We’re here to help you out and answer ques­tions at all times.
  • Writ­ing art­icles on these top­ics based on the out­lines we provide. At first you’ll be pair­ing with other writers on the task, and even­tu­ally you’ll be writ­ing art­icles your­self from start to end.
  • Work­ing with our tech­nical editor to pol­ish the gram­mar and make your art­icles as inter­est­ing to read as pos­sible.


The fol­low­ing require­ments are a must-have for us:

  • Able to work as a freel­an­cer. Because our com­pany is based out­side of Ger­many, we require all writers in Ger­many to work with us as freel­an­cers. This is a legal detail from our stand­point, we treat every­one equally regard­less of whether they are work­ing part-time as a freel­an­cer or full-time as an employee. We provide step-by-step guid­ance on set­ting your­self up as a freel­an­cer in Ger­many in case your visa / res­id­ency / cit­izen­ship allows for freel­ance work in Ger­many. Please note that Ger­man stu­dent visas expli­citly dis­al­low freel­ance work.
  • Cur­rently enrolled into a Mas­ters degree or a research pro­gram for Com­puter Sci­ence.
  • Great writ­ten Eng­lish (C2 equi­val­ent and above, although we won’t ask for a cer­ti­fic­ate).
  • Interest in explain­ing com­plic­ated sub­jects in simple lan­guage.
  • Your own laptop which you can work on, plus a quiet space with Inter­net access that you can work from (your home, the uni­versity lib­rary, a café, etc).

What we of­fer:

We believe this job is a great fit for Com­puter Sci­ence stu­dents for two reas­ons:

1. After work­ing with us, the clar­ity of your tech­nical writ­ing increases dra­mat­ic­ally. This means you can pro­duce more read­able and enga­ging papers, theses and present­a­tions, as well as stand out with your writ­ing skills when apply­ing to the pos­i­tions at other com­pan­ies

2. The com­pan­ies we work with are star­tups in the areas of soft­ware devel­op­ment tool­ing, machine learn­ing, and indus­trial auto­ma­tion. By writ­ing about these indus­tries you’ll learn about the tend­en­cies and new devel­op­ments and will be able to bring the learn­ings back to your stud­ies and your future career.

In addi­tion to these bene­fits we, of course, offer fair com­pens­a­tion, a flex­ible work sched­ule that adapts to your stud­ies, and a kind, sup­port­ive and empath­etic team.

How to ap­ply:

Please send an email to the con­tact address on this ad (on the right) and include the fol­low­ing inform­a­tion:

1. A few sen­tences about you: what pro­gram you are cur­rently study­ing, and 2-3 interests out­side of your stud­ies.
2. A link to a tech­nical text you’ve writ­ten recently. It could be a link to a blog post, an assign­ment you’ve done, a doc­u­ment you’ve writ­ten, any­thing at all.
3. A list of 3 top­ics within Com­puter Sci­ence that you find inter­est­ing.
4. Your avail­ab­il­ity: which days are you avail­able on to work with us.