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Klarna Bank AB Ger­man Branch - Ber­lin

Klarna was foun­ded in Stock­holm, Swe­den in 2005. Since then, we’ve chan­ged the ban­king indus­try fore­ver. And now we’re crea­ting the world’s smooot­hest shop­ping expe­ri­ence. We serve 80 mil­lion con­su­mers world­wide, and part­ner with 190,000 mer­chants – with a new mer­chant joi­ning us every 8 minu­tes. Inclu­ding some of the world’s lea­ding brands, such as H&M, ASOS, IKEA, Adi­das, Sam­sung and Luft­hansa. Our offices are spread over 17 dif­fe­rent mar­kets, hos­ted by +2,500 people from 90 natio­na­li­ties.

Klarna Engin­eer­ing Gradu­ate Pro­gram 2020


Work­ing field:

Engin­eer­ing at Klarna is an inspired, cus­tomer focused com­munity, ded­ic­ated to craft­ing solu­tions that redefine our industry. Work­ing in small, highly col­lab­or­at­ive Agile teams, you and your team will have a clear mis­sion and own­er­ship of an import­ant out­come that sup­ports Klarna and our cus­tom­ers. At Klarna we optim­ize for qual­ity, flow, fast feed­back, focus­ing on end-to-end own­er­ship, con­tinu­ous improve­ment, test­ing, mon­it­or­ing and exper­i­ment­a­tion. We aim for teams that are inclus­ive and help­ful, with a strong sense of own­er­ship for the things they build.

Our engin­eers make some of the most sig­ni­fic­ant decisions for the com­pany and we are look­ing for bold, open and curi­ous developers. As a Klar­naut, you’ll be inspired to con­trib­ute to the growth of Europe’s most highly val­ued fintech and your work will reach mil­lions of users.

Want to be part of the change? We are now seek­ing tal­en­ted gradu­ates who are pas­sion­ate about using their skills and ideas to be part of our 12 month Gradu­ate Pro­gram start­ing in Octo­ber 2020.


  • Strong devel­op­ment abil­ity in Java, Javas­cript, SQL, Erlang or other object-ori­ented or func­tional pro­gram­ming lan­guages.
  • Good prob­lem-solv­ing skills.
  • Prior to the Gradu­ate Pro­gram start­ing in Octo­ber 2020, you will have com­pleted a bach­elor’s degree (or higher) in Com­puter Sci­ence or a related dis­cip­line.
  • Work­ing pro­fi­ciency in Eng­lish.
  • Interest and abil­ity to learn other cod­ing lan­guages as needed.

What we of­fer:

  • Work on spe­cific prob­lem spaces crit­ical to Klarna’s cur­rent needs where you will design, develop and deploy fron­tend and backend ser­vices with a focus on scalab­il­ity, high avail­ab­il­ity and low latency.
  • Receive tech­nical train­ing, so that you under­stand the tech­nical eco­sys­tem at Klarna.
  • Col­lab­or­ate and grow in a dynamic and autonom­ous envir­on­ment while work­ing in small, agile and cross-func­tional teams.
  • Use the latest tech­no­lo­gies to solve real prob­lems for our cus­tom­ers at a massive scale.
  • Share your know­ledge and build cre­at­ive solu­tions while help­ing the team evolve best prac­tices.

Depend­ing on your team, some of the tech­no­lo­gies you’ll get to work with will include:
  • Javas­cript with Node.js, Express.js, React, React Nat­ive or Redux
  • Java with Spring or Spring Boot
  • Kafka
  • Splunk, Ans­ible, Ter­ra­form, Jen­kins, Docker and Kuber­netes
  • Post­gr­eSQL, DynamoDB, Elast­ic­search
  • Microservices archi­tec­ture on AWS

How to ap­ply:

Send over your CV in Eng­lish and include your uni­versity grades. The dead­line for all applic­a­tions is 31 July 2020.

To be con­sidered for this pro­gram you will need to be able to prove that you can leg­ally work in the EU. We will not be able to assist with visa spon­sor­ship or relo­ca­tion for this pos­i­tion.

You can sub­mit your applic­a­tion here: