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Jet­Brains GmbH

At Jet­Brains, code is our pas­sion. Ever since we star­ted, back in 2000, we have stri­ved to make the stron­gest, most effect­ive deve­lo­per tools on earth. By auto­mat­ing rou­tine checks and cor­rec­tions, our tools speed up pro­duc­tion, free­ing deve­lo­pers to grow, dis­cover and cre­ate.

ML Engin­eer Intern


(Pro­jects: Com­pact Pro­gram­ming Lan­guage Detector (CPLD) and Trans­fer learn­ing on code (TL))

Working field:

(TL) As part of this pro­ject, you will learn how to apply Machine Learn­ing in the Soft­ware Engin­eer­ing domain (ML4SE) by eval­u­at­ing and fine-tun­ing pre-trained modes of code on dif­fer­ent down­stream SE tasks.

Your goal will be to identify prac­tical prob­lems that could be solved by a large per-trained seq2seq model archi­tec­ture, col­lect the data and fine-tune it on those prob­lems, eval­u­at­ing the res­ult­ing per­form­ance.

(CPLD) As part of this pro­ject, you will learn how to solve this prob­lem using Neural Net­works.

Your goal will be to com­pare and quant­it­at­ively eval­u­ate sev­eral dif­fer­ent approaches (the­or­et­ical com­plex­ity, actual runtime per­form­ance, pre­dict­ive power, etc) and imple­ment one from scratch that can run model infer­ence on the JVM without any nat­ive depend­en­cies.


Strong pro­gram­ming exper­i­ence in Python.
Know­ledge of Machine Learn­ing.
Some pro­gram­ming exper­i­ence in Java, Kot­lin, or Scala.
Know­ledge of Machine Learn­ing.

Please, note: the can­did­ate’s status and paper­work will have to be reviewed before­hand in order to assess the pos­sib­il­it­ies of hir­ing for this pos­i­tion.

What we offer:

Fas­cin­at­ing work in a dynamic, friendly team.
Com­pet­it­ive salary.
Flex­ible work­ing sched­ule.
25 work­ing days of paid leave per year.
An office lib­rary with spe­cial­ized work-related books and magazines.
Com­fort­able work­ing envir­on­ment, with ergo­nomic work­places, fit­ness and leis­ure zones and a com­pany-paid car park.
Excel­lent oppor­tun­ity for pro­fes­sional and per­sonal devel­op­ment, oppor­tun­ity to travel to pro­fes­sional con­fer­ences world­wide.
Addi­tional bene­fits includ­ing lunch, free refresh­ments and snacks in the office, and more.

How to apply: