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AER Stretching GmbH - Fitness/Wellness

Aer rises as a pioneering fitness complex in the heart of Berlin, dedicated to nurturing body, mind, and spirit through a meticulously developed holistic health system. Aer introduces an innovative approach to well-being that combines traditional stretching techniques with advanced scientific research to meet the health needs of the modern individual. This unique method is not only designed to enhance physical fitness, but also to promote psychological and emotional well-being, thus creating a balanced lifestyle for its participants.

Seeking Lead Trainer for Berlin Fitness Studio

Join us and shape the future of holistic fitness!

Working field:

Fitness and Wellness


As the Lead Trainer, you will be responsible for directing and conducting our specialized stretching and fitness sessions, ensuring a high standard of execution. You will oversee the recruitment and training of new trainers, maintaining our commitment to excellence. Your role will also involve collaborating on the continuous development of our training methods, keeping our approach innovative and effective. You are expected to uphold a high level of service, setting an example for colleagues and clients alike. Strategically, you will contribute to the expansion of our unique fitness concept both within and beyond Berlin. This full-time position requires a commitment of approximately 40 hours per week and a willingness to travel for events and potential new site developments."

What we offer:

We offer a competitive salary with a generous bonus structure. As part of a groundbreaking fitness concept, there are ample opportunities for professional development. Benefits include supplementary corporate health insurance and pension contributions. You will be working in a positive and innovative environment dedicated to well-being. As we are just opening our first studio, you will be part of a close-knit, small team, providing a unique opportunity to shape our future together.

How to apply:

To apply, please visit our Instagram page @aerstretching and use the link in our bio to access our LinkedIn page. There, you can easily apply through the EasyApply feature. Alternatively, you may also email me directly at with your application details, or reach out via WhatsApp at +1 (310) 962-7740. My name is Alexander Kromm/Ganapolskiy. We are looking to fill this position immediately, so we encourage all interested candidates to apply as soon as possible.