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IHP GmbH - Leib­niz-Insti­tut für inno­va­tive Mikro­elek­tro­nik - IHP Solu­tions GmbH

IHP Solu­tions GmbH - a fully owned sub­si­di­ary of IHP – High Per­form­ance for Micro­elec­tron­ics. IHP Solu­tions - is respons­ible for the trans­fer of know-how and IP from IHP to indus­trial part­ners. A strong focus lies in sup­port­ing cus­tom­ers in using the IHP SiGe-tech­no­logy to design and pro­duce their own cus­tomer-spe­cific MMICs at IHP’s small volume foundry.
In order to link IHP’s foundry activ­it­ies to state of the art chip pack­aging and 3-D chip integ­ra­tion, IHP Solu­tions is look­ing for a pro­ject man­ager to estab­lish a new ser­vice line activ­ity. Focus of this pos­i­tion is to con­cen­trate on the tech­nical aspects and find suit­able and reli­able ser­vice solu­tions for our cus­tom­ers.

Pro­ject Man­ager for IC backend and pack­age activ­it­ies

Work­ing field:

The main respons­ib­il­it­ies with this pos­i­tion are:
  • Respons­ib­il­ity for IHP backend lab
  • Coordin­ate cus­tomer requests to IHP’s inhouse Wafer-to-Wafer and Chip-to-Wafer cap­ab­il­it­ies and define ser­vice solu­tions
  • Estab­lish part­ner­ships to pack­age pro­viders world­wide and man­age sup­ply chain requests of cus­tom­ers from offer to deliv­ery.
  • Advise and con­sult other parties at IHP about spe­cific pack­aging require­ments if reques­ted.


The suc­cess­ful can­did­ates pos­sess the fol­low­ing skills and exper­i­ence:
  • Uni­versity Degree in Engin­eer­ing or Tech­nical Sci­ences
  • Exper­i­ence/Back­ground know­ledge in Micro­elec­tron­ics require­ments for fab­ric­a­tion, chip design and pack­aging
  • Hands-on exper­i­ence in con­duct­ing post-wafer pre­par­a­tion activ­it­ies (e.g. dicing, thin­ning)
  • Basic skills in soft­ware pro­gram­ming are bene­fi­cial
  • Must be able to effect­ively influ­ence indi­vidu­als and inter­act with all levels of the organ­iz­a­tion
  • Good inter­per­sonal, organ­iz­a­tion and com­mu­nic­a­tion skills, with the abil­ity to organ­ize cross-com­pany pro­jects
  • Flu­ency in Eng­lish and Ger­man lan­guage is man­dat­ory

What we of­fer:

IHP Solu­tions GmbH offers a multi-national, tech­no­lo­gical state-of-the art work envir­on­ment with high level of flex­ib­il­ity. The pos­i­tion is open imme­di­ately and has a work con­tract until Decem­ber 2018 with the option for exten­sion.

How to ap­ply:

Please send your com­plete applic­a­tion includ­ing motiv­a­tion let­ter, CV and cop­ies of rel­ev­ant cer­ti­fic­ates and ref­er­ence let­ters to:

Markus Guen­ther
IHP Solu­tions GmbH
Im Tech­no­lo­giepark 25
15236 Frank­furt (Oder)
Tele­fon: +49 335 5625 0