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RWTH Aachen - Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geomechanincs

The contribution of deep lithospheric processes to the evolution of mountain belts and foreland basins remains enigmatic. A recently funded research project aims to constrain the effects of lithospheric processes in the northern foreland basin of the Alps by combing thermochronological data with kinematic models of shortening and exhumation over the Late Cenozoic.

This is a joint project of RWTH Aachen University and the University of Göttingen, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). It is part of the DFG Priority Program "Mountain Building Processes in Four Dimensions (MB-4D)" (, and will involve frequent interaction (workshops, conferences) with the ~20 research projects in this priority program.

You can expect a very diverse and challenging job in an international and multidisciplinary work environment. RWTH Aachen is part of the ABC/J Geoverbund and therefore well connected with Cologne and Bonn Universities and Jülich Research Center. RWTH is an equal opportunity employer. We will retain your application documents for at least three months, even if application is not successful. They will not be returned.  

Research Assistant / Associate

The effects of plate reor­gan­iz­a­tion, sur­face evol­u­tion and crustal deform­a­tion on moun­tain build­ing

Work­ing field:

  • Acquis­i­tion and inter­pret­a­tion of struc­tural and ther­mo­chrono­lo­gical data in the Alpine fore­land basin
  • Quan­ti­fy­ing tim­ing, rates and spa­tial dis­tri­bu­tion of exhuma­tion using inverse thermal mod­els
  • Determ­ine short­en­ing in the fore­land fold-and-thrust belt using kin­ematic res­tor­a­tions
  • Relate the res­ults of this study to new geo­phys­ical and geo­dy­namic mod­els of slab dynam­ics and new con­straints on geo­lo­gical events in the Alps com­ing out of other stud­ies in the Pri­or­ity Pro­gram


  • Mas­ter’s degree (or equi­val­ent) in Earth Sci­ences
  • Exper­i­ence in field work and struc­tural geo­logy
  • Good com­mand of writ­ten and spoken Eng­lish

What we of­fer:

The pos­i­tion is for 3 years and is to be filled as soon as pos­sible. This is a part-time pos­i­tion (75% of the stand­ard weekly hours for full-time employ­ees).
The suc­cess­ful can­did­ate has the oppor­tun­ity to pur­sue a doc­toral degree.
The salary cor­res­ponds to level EG 13 TV-L.

RWTH Aachen Uni­versity is cer­ti­fied as a "Fam­ily-Friendly Uni­versity". We par­tic­u­larly wel­come and encour­age applic­a­tions from women, dis­abled per­sons and eth­nic minor­ity groups, recog­niz­ing they are under­rep­res­en­ted across RWTH Aachen Uni­versity. The prin­ciples of fair and open com­pet­i­tion apply and appoint­ments will be made on merit.

How to ap­ply:

For fur­ther details, please con­tact
Dr. Chris­toph von Hagke
Tel.: +49 (0) 241-80 98443
Dr. Elco Luijendijk
Tel.: +49 (0) 551-39 14269

For fur­ther inform­a­tion, please visit our web­site at:

Please send your applic­a­tion by July 15, 2017 to
Chris­toph von Hagke
Insti­tute of Struc­tural Geo­logy, Tec­ton­ics and Geo­mech­an­ics
RWTH Aachen Uni­versity
Loch­ner­str. 4-20
52064 Aachen, Ger­many

You can also send your applic­a­tion via email to Please note, however, that com­mu­nic­a­tion via unen­cryp­ted e-mail poses a threat to con­fid­en­ti­al­ity as it is poten­tially vul­ner­able to unau­thor­ized access by third parties.