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Liberty Global B.V.

Liberty Global is one of the world’s lead­ing con­verged video, broad­band and com­mu­nic­a­tion com­pan­ies. We con­nect 11.5 mil­lion cus­tom­ers in six coun­tries across Europe, oper­at­ing under trus­ted brands such as Vir­gin Media, Voda­foneZiggo, Tele­net and UPC.

This is where we engin­eered the solu­tions to deliver Gig­abit broad­band speeds to our cus­tom­ers and cre­ated our cut­ting-edge flag­ship video plat­form Hori­zon 4. It’s also where we are work­ing to improve the digital lives of all our cus­tom­ers in the future.

Our sub­stan­tial scale and com­mit­ment to innov­a­tion enable us to develop mar­ket-lead­ing products delivered through next-gen­er­a­tion, fibre-based net­works that con­nect over 10 mil­lion cus­tom­ers sub­scrib­ing to 25 mil­lion TV, broad­band inter­net and tele­phone ser­vices and over 6.3 mil­lion mobile sub­scribers.

We invest, innov­ate and empower with pur­pose. Invest­ing in the tech­no­logy, tal­ent and ter­rit­or­ies with the most poten­tial. And, as we deliver for our cus­tom­ers, we build value for our share­hold­ers and our 20,200 employ­ees, reward­ing those who com­mit to us over the longer term.

At Liberty Global, our employ­ees are encour­aged to develop their skills, cul­tiv­ate their lead­er­ship cre­den­tials, exper­i­ence dif­fer­ent envir­on­ments and real­ise their ambi­tions within a com­pany cul­ture that is defined by being:

  • Agile: We are resi­li­ent. We strive to embrace change, evolve, trans­form and adapt quickly.
  • Lim­it­less: We are bold, rest­less and push bound­ar­ies to set new stand­ards in all that we do.
  • Straight Up: We are authen­tic, trans­par­ent and do the right thing for our cus­tom­ers and organ­isa­tion.
  • United: We respect col­lab­or­at­ive rela­tion­ships and embrace our dif­fer­ences to achieve our goals.

Our gradu­ate schemes will provide you with the oppor­tun­ity to fast-track your career from the very begin­ning. Through depart­ment rota­tions, our gradu­ates bene­fit from accel­er­ated devel­op­ment cov­er­ing core busi­ness skills and tech­nical cap­ab­il­it­ies suited to our dynamic, fast-paced and unique envir­on­ment. You may also get the chance to work inter­na­tion­ally in one of our amaz­ing oper­at­ing com­pan­ies!


Work­ing field:

Look­ing to fast-track your career in the unique and dynamic envir­on­ment of one of the world’s lead­ing con­verged video, broad­band and com­mu­nic­a­tions com­pan­ies?

Liberty Global con­nects 11 mil­lion cus­tom­ers in six coun­tries across Europe, oper­at­ing under trus­ted brands such as Vir­gin Media, Voda­foneZiggo, Tele­net and UPC. Fin­ance is an essen­tial part of our busi­ness, striv­ing for effect­ive deploy­ment and optimal returns on cap­ital, deliv­er­ing an effi­cient con­trol and plan­ning frame­work, and driv­ing our levered equity strategy.

Join us here, on our ded­ic­ated gradu­ate scheme, and you will have the oppor­tun­ity to cul­tiv­ate your future lead­er­ship cre­den­tials while devel­op­ing both your func­tional and tech­nical expert­ise and study­ing for an inter­na­tion­ally recog­nised, pro­fes­sional qual­i­fic­a­tion.


Your attrib­utes
You must be flu­ent in Eng­lish, glob­ally mobile and eli­gible to work in both the EU and UK, as the scheme could involve assign­ments across Europe. A 2:1 degree (or equi­val­ent) is also essen­tial – but it doesn’t mat­ter what dis­cip­line it’s in. We’re more inter­ested in your pas­sion for pur­su­ing a career in Fin­ance, your love of being chal­lenged and your desire to come up with ideas that inspire and influ­ence our senior lead­ers. Our ideal can­did­ates are curi­ous, resi­li­ent, col­lab­or­at­ive, highly ana­lyt­ical and con­fid­ent enough to ques­tion the ways we work.

We will also be look­ing at your lead­er­ship poten­tial – and indi­vidu­als who make excel­lent lead­ers at Liberty Global are:

  • Co-cre­at­ors who can develop and execute strategies
  • Entre­pren­eurs that are relent­less in their drive for res­ults
  • Innov­at­ors who strive to meet our cus­tom­ers’ future needs
  • Inspir­a­tional indi­vidu­als with out­stand­ing com­mu­nic­a­tion, organ­isa­tional and ana­lyt­ical skills

What we of­fer:

Our scheme
Based across our group loc­a­tions, this three-year scheme has been designed to accel­er­ate your pro­gres­sion through end-to-end expos­ure across the Fin­ance organ­isa­tion.

You’ll under­take a series of 12-month rota­tions across a range of depart­ments, enabling you to gain exper­i­ence of dif­fer­ent facets of our Fin­ance oper­a­tion, while build­ing a wider under­stand­ing of the busi­ness and con­trib­ut­ing towards our unri­valled suc­cess.

There will be oppor­tun­it­ies to gain exper­i­ence in sev­eral core areas. For example:

  • Account­ing & Report­ing
  • Risk & Com­pli­ance
  • Internal Audit
  • Pro­cure­ment
  • Busi­ness Con­trol
  • Cap­ital Alloc­a­tion & Fin­an­cial Plan­ning
  • Real Estate

As you pro­gress through the scheme, you will have the chance to gain exper­i­ence in more spe­cial­ist areas. For example:

  • Treas­ury & Cor­por­ate Fin­ance
  • Investor Rela­tions
  • Strategy, M&A & Con­tent Invest­ments
  • Tax
  • Group Con­sol­id­a­tion & Tech­nical Account­ing

We will also fully fund and sup­port you to achieve your CIMA qual­i­fic­a­tion with gen­er­ous study leave and pay pro­gres­sion that are both way above industry stand­ard.

What next?
Look­ing to fur­ther your Fin­ance career in a cul­ture that encour­ages you to develop your skills, exper­i­ence dif­fer­ent envir­on­ments and real­ise your ambi­tions?

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