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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Faculty VI

Technische Universität Berlin – Faculty VI Planning Building Environment – has a vacancy at the Institute for Applied Geosciences for a

Tenure Track Professorship, remuneration group W2, fixed term for 5 years, to be continued as a lifetime professorship, remuneration group W3

in Applied Geophysics.

This professorship should be seen in the context of Technische Universität Berlin’s goal to recruit and advance talents in an early career stage. The tenure track professorship is limited to five years. A lifelong professorship will be offered conditional upon the fulfillment of the determined evaluation criteria and hiring requirements. Information about the evaluation criteria can be found on the Technische Universität Berlin’s website

Working field:

The successful candidate should actively shape and complete the course offerings in the field of applied geophysics (bachelor’s, master’s, supervision of PhD students; 9 LVS). Teaching will focus on physical concepts and principles as well as on the characterization and monitoring of the subsurface. The courses should be held in German and English (see also the Language Policy approved by the Academic Senate of the TU Berlin, on the Technische Universität Berlin’s website

In research, applied geophysics is to be further developed with international visibility. The primary focus of research is the imaging, characterization and monitoring of the subsurface using field-based investigations with special attention paid to the inclusion of instrumental observation methods and rock-physical parameters. The object of research is the near-surface. In addition to data collection, the goal is the cross-disciplinary integration of evaluation and modeling tools in research. Interdisciplinary linkage with topics such as geohazards, georesources or dynamics of the earth's surface and urban space is desired.

The leadership and management of the department and its employees, the advancement of talents and women, as well as gender- and diversity-competent action are part of the fixed range of tasks, as are the duties according to § 99 BerlHG.


Fulfillment of the hiring requirements pursuant to Sections 100 et seq. of the Berlin Higher Education Act. Of particular importance are a university degree in geophysics or comparable subject, a strong aptitude for research demonstrated, as a rule, by the quality of the doctorate / PhD in geophysics or mathematical-physical sciences, additional scientific achievements, as well as teaching skills demonstrated by a teaching portfolio (for further information, see TU Berlin’s website

We are looking for a scientist with proven teaching experience and research activities in the application and development of applied geophysics. In particular, the following expertise and qualifications are required:
  • successful conduct of qualitative as well as quantitative methodological work on field, laboratory and instrumental techniques;
  • first independent acquisition of third-party funds;
  • publication of research with substantial own contribution in internationally relevant journals;
  • academic teaching experience;
  • first experience in coordinating or leading scientific working or research groups.
Further skills could include:
  • experience in geophysical imaging and modeling of the subsurface;
  • initiation and implementation of research projects with national and international partners;
  • basic knowledge of geomonitoring and tomographic observation techniques;
  • technology transfer activities and practical experience;
  • leadership skills;
  • gender and diversity competence.
It is not possible to offer the position as two part-time professorships.

How to apply:

Technische Universität Berlin is seeking to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and actively encourages applications from suitably qualified female candidates. Preference will be given to applicants with severe disabilities fulfilling the requirements of the position.

TU Berlin values the diversity of its members and is committed to equality of opportunity. We are a certified family-friendly university and our Dual Career Service can assist you and your family with your move to Berlin.

To ensure the involvement of international reviewers, the application documents are requested in English. Applications should be submitted by October 29, 2021 quoting the job reference number VI-338/21 and should include standard application documents for such a position (CV, references, concept for research and teaching, teaching portfolio, details of acquired external funding and a publications list highlighting the five publications you regard as the most significant). Please send your application only by email with a single pdf attachment to Electronic documents submitted using cloud services such as WE-Transfer or Dropbox cannot be accepted.

Please send an email to for further information concerning the formal application process. Specific questions about the position should also be sent to this address so that they can be forwarded to the chair of the appointment committee.

By submitting your application via email you consent to having your data electronically processed and saved. Please note that we do not provide a guaranty for the protection of your personal data when submitted as unprotected file. Please find our data protection notice acc. DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) at the TU staff department homepage: or quick access 214041.

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