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Mis­ter Spex SE

Mis­ter Spex – So kauft man Bril­len heute! Gestar­tet als Geschäfts­idee von vier Unter­neh­mern, haben wir heute als Euro­pas füh­ren­der Online-Opti­ker eine Vision:

Become Europe's favou­rite way and place to buy eye­wear!!

Wir haben eine neue Art des Bril­lenkaufs eta­bliert und damit die gesamte Bran­che ver­än­dert. Wir bie­ten ein umfang­rei­ches Sor­ti­ment an qua­li­ta­tiv hoch­wer­ti­gen Bril­len, Son­nen­bril­len und Kon­takt­lin­sen an und das nicht nur online, son­dern auch in unse­ren Stores, deren Anzahl ste­tig steigt. Bei uns gibt es kei­nen Still­stand, denn wir wol­len immer wei­ter wach­sen und nicht zuletzt unsere aktu­elle Invest­ment­runde in Höhe von 65 Mil­lio­nen Euro hilft uns dabei, dies zu errei­chen.

Intern Recrui­t­ing Human Resour­ces (f/m/x)



  • Sup­por­ting the HR depart­ment in recrui­t­ing for the areas of tech, mar­ke­ting, PR, finance and purcha­sing
  • Ana­ly­sis and pro­ces­sing of inco­m­ing app­li­ca­tion docu­ments
  • Crea­tion and pla­ce­ment of job adver­ti­se­ments
  • Sche­du­ling, pre­pa­ring and con­duc­ting job inter­views in Ger­man and Eng­lish
  • Active search via Lin­kedin and Xing chan­nels
  • Inde­pen­dent plan­ning and imple­men­ta­tion of pro­jects as well as manage­ment of inter­nal and exter­nal sta­ke­hol­ders

Erwartete Qualifikationen:

  • Stu­dies in the field of busi­ness, human resour­ces, media, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion, etc.
  • First rele­vant work expe­ri­ence is a plus
  • Strong com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and good MS Office know­ledge
  • Struc­tu­red, con­cep­tual and result-ori­en­ted way of working as well as dili­gence and relia­bi­lity
  • Initia­tive, orga­ni­za­tio­nal skills, abi­lity to work under pres­sure, stress resis­tance and good humor
  • Flu­ent Eng­lish skills, Ger­man is a big plus
  • Time avai­la­bi­lity of 6 mon­ths

Unser Angebot:

  • 50% sub­s­idy for the BVG ticket
  • Start with choo­sing one pair of (sun)glas­ses as a gift
  • Up to 40% dis­count in our store
  • Cor­po­rate Bene­fits - dis­counts on fit­ness, hotels, ren­tal cars etc.
  • We live with respect and stand up for our inter­na­tio­nal team!

Hinweise zur Bewerbung:

Please upload your com­plete app­li­ca­tion docu­ments, con­sis­ting of a cover let­ter, resume, cer­ti­fi­ca­tes and salary expec­ta­ti­ons, into our app­li­ca­tion tool. Sim­ply use the "apply" but­ton. If you have any ques­ti­ons, please do not hesi­tate to con­tact us at the fol­lo­wing num­ber + 49-151-18704363.