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Adec­cco Group Tech­no­logy Cen­ter GmbH - IT/Digital/HR

The Adecco Group Tech­no­logy Cen­ter in Ber­lin is part of the Adecco Group, one of the world’s lead­ing HR solu­tions com­pany.

We believe in mak­ing the future work for every­one, and every day empower 3.5 mil­lion careers. We inspire, skill, develop and hire in 60 coun­tries, enabling indi­vidu­als and organ­iz­a­tions to embrace the future of work. As a For­tune Global 500 com­pany, we lead by example, cre­at­ing shared value that meets social needs while driv­ing busi­ness innov­a­tion. Our cul­ture of inclus­iv­ity, fair­ness and team­work empowers indi­vidu­als and organ­isa­tions, fuels eco­nom­ies, and builds bet­ter soci­et­ies

In the Ber­lin Tech­no­logy cen­ter we are a young and agile organ­iz­a­tion who orches­trate the design, devel­op­ment and adop­tion of the end-to-end digital solu­tions that the Adecco Group will offer to can­did­ates and cli­ents in the future.

Suc­cess Man­age­ment Intern - Global Digital Products


As our new Suc­cess Man­age­ment Intern, you will be join­ing the Adecco Group Tech­no­logy Cen­ter in Ber­lin where the global IT & Digital organ­iz­a­tion of the Adecco Group come together to drive digital trans­form­a­tion by cre­at­ing, devel­op­ing and deploy­ing digital solu­tions for Adecco’s stake­hold­ers.
In this role you will join a team of multi-skilled suc­cess man­agers focused on deploy­ment, usage and adop­tion of those digital products across three global busi­ness units all around the world.
You will have a unique oppor­tun­ity to learn how to pre­pare and execute deploy­ments, engage with IT and busi­ness stake­hold­ers and build cap­ab­il­ity to scale the usage of our products.

Working field:

Your Mis­sion

  • You will be involved in Adecco’s Future@Work digital trans­form­a­tion by work­ing closely with Global Suc­cess Man­agers deploy­ing our digital products across three global busi­ness units all around the world.
  • You will assist our global Suc­cess Man­agers in col­lab­or­at­ing with mul­tiple cross-func­tional teams (both remote and on-site) in both deploy­ment & train­ing approaches.
  • You will learn about change man­age­ment meth­od­o­lo­gies and have the chance to gain hands on exper­i­ence on these frame­works
  • In Suc­cess Man­age­ment, there would be oppor­tun­it­ies for you to learn and work across products inten­ded for dif­fer­ent stake­hold­ers (ex. can­did­ates, cli­ents, internal Adecco col­leagues)
  • You will also get to learn about effect­ive com­mu­nic­a­tion between product devel­op­ment teams, product mar­ket­ing, adop­tion & trans­form­a­tion teams.
  • You will have access to POWER BI Dash­boards, learn­ing how to ana­lyze, report and work with data and tak­ing data driven decision
  • The role will include a com­bin­a­tion of pro­ject deliv­ery skills, stake­holder and change man­age­ment approaches & suc­cess strategies.


You’ll need
  • Aca­demic back­ground in inform­a­tion tech­no­logy, busi­ness man­age­ment, change man­age­ment or equi­val­ent stud­ies.
  • First hands-on exper­i­ences in product, change or pro­ject man­age­ment in a fast-paced envir­on­ment through pro­jects/intern­ships.
  • Sharp ana­lyt­ical and prob­lem-solv­ing skills with expert­ise in data-driven envir­on­ments.
  • Good know­ledge of how product, busi­ness and tech best work together
  • Flu­ency in Eng­lish (Ger­man is NOT required)
  • Pro­act­ive approach with curi­os­ity and will to drive suc­cess
  • Good com­mu­nic­a­tion skills to coordin­ate mul­tiple stake hold­ers on inter­na­tional level

What we offer:

You will be part of an engaged and motiv­ated team of inter­na­tional col­leagues, that will involve you from day in chal­len­ging and excit­ing pro­jects.
You will be trained on the job by exper­i­enced man­agers that will guide you throughout the exper­i­ence and enable you to evolve and enrich your skills.

How to apply:

Are you ready for a chal­lenge? Then apply to join our team by send­ing your cv to
In your email, please also tell us:
1. Why did you decided to apply for this pos­i­tion?
2. Do you have any pre­vi­ous exper­i­ence with pro­ject man­age­ment / change man­age­ment / stake­holder man­age­ment and product man­age­ment? If yes, please can you make some short examples. If not, why do you think you could be a good fit for this role?

You can also dir­ectly apply in our web­site: