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Birchy's Ber­lin Tours - His­tory/ Ber­lin

Birchy’s Ber­lin Tours is a group of local pro­fes­sion­als that spe­cial­ize in Ber­lin His­tory. We cre­ate and offer exclus­ive Ber­lin Events, his­tor­ical sight­see­ing, and Ber­lin exper­i­ences.

Tour Guide/Tour Leader for people with a pas­sion for his­tory (m/f/d)


Look­ing for those we a work­ing know­ledge of His­tory to train for our high-end Ber­lin his­tory and cul­tural tours.

Working field:

Applic­ants will be assessed and trained based on their pre­vi­ous know­ledge of Ber­lin.
Once train­ing is com­plete, guides will lead small groups of vis­it­ors through the city on vari­ous his­tor­ical con­tex­tual tours.
Some examples of fields covered are his­tor­ical high­lights of the city, Pots­dam, Sach­sen­hausen Con­cen­tra­tion Camp Memorial, as well as city tours focus­ing on top­ics such as the Third Reich, Ber­lin Wall, and medi­eval Ber­lin.
Sched­ules are made based on your avail­ab­il­ity and in this way, the amount of work can vary.


A back­ground in his­tory. Work­ing know­ledge of Ber­lin's his­tory and the abil­ity and will­ing­ness to pas­sion­ately learn and par­take in the city's his­tory is import­ant.
Stud­ies in related fields like his­tory, arche­ology ect. are very wel­comed.

What we offer:

Birchy's Ber­lin Tours
Birchy's Ber­lin Tours provides some of the most well-respec­ted tours in Ber­lin city and the sur­round­ing area. Our guides and tour concept design­ers include act­ive arche­olo­gists, his­tory mas­ters, and other pro­fes­sion­als from sim­ilar fields.

You will be part of a fun and know­ledge­able team while work­ing around your sched­ule around some of the most beau­ti­ful parts of the city.
Shifts can range from 3 hours to 6 hours and are paid based on the tour. This comes out to
around 20 - 30€ per hour plus tips.

How to apply:

Applic­a­tion please be sent by e-mail.