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wy. to join?
You want to enter the video and audio pro­duc­tion industry? You are tal­en­ted with the digital cre­at­ors’ tools of these days? You have some know­ledge about video/audio edit­ing and anim­a­tion soft­ware? You are inter­ested in con­tent mar­ket­ing, like to explore digital tools, and want to take your self-taught skills to the next level and par­ti­cip­ate in pro­duc­tions for cor­por­a­tions and global brands? You are com­mit­ted to build and sup­port our brand, have a tal­ent to organ­ize and can handle stress­ful situ­ations with fun?

We need you in our team!

You will work closely with the exec­ut­ive pro­du­cer and stu­dio head and will be involved in cli­ent meet­ings, cam­paign plan­ning and pro­duc­tion pro­cesses.
Entry date: imme­di­atly on-site Ber­lin, remote 16-20 h/week,
only Ger­man Level C1 or higher and Eng­lish flu­ently

We are look­ing for:

“Cre­at­ives“ & Pod­cast Pro­du­cer @ the wy. stu­dio Werkstu­dent:in (m/f/d)"

Working field:

your to do‘s @ the wy.
  • concept & cre­ate high per­form­ance „cre­at­ives’’ such as Insta Reels, Stor­ies, Tik­Toks Videos, YT PreR­olls, Google Ads
  • pro­duce & edit mar­ket­ing pod­casts
  • pro­duce video teas­ers für music & fash­ion videos
  • video pro­duc­tion
  • video mar­ket­ing
  • cre­ate ad inter­act­ives


people @ the wy.
  • speak up when gender-spe­cific or racist beha­viour is shown
  • are nice to another
  • are tal­en­ted with the cam­era and/or video/audio edit­ing
  • have the will­ing­ness to learn and enter the pro­duc­tion and film industry
  • are com­mit­ted to our brand and start-up idea
  • get shit done
  • always think digit­ally
  • are tool fan­atic
  • love to per­fectly plan something
  • are always curi­ous
  • are fun to work with

What we offer:

this is wy.
the wy. is a young digital stu­dio and pro­duc­tion house start-up based in Ber­lin backed by mc- quad­rat. the wy. unites cre­at­ive thinkers, film makers and design­ers pro­du­cing emo­tional arte­facts for labels and brands.
  • high end com­mer­cials
  • music & fash­ion videos
  • high end video & photo pro­duc­tion
  • pod­cast pro­duc­tion
  • video mar­ket­ing
  • con­tent mar­ket­ing
  • high per­form­at­ive inter­act­ive „cre­at­ives‘‘
the wy. cli­ents: cor­por­ate cli­ents (wayvs - Audio-Dat­ing, airUp, hub­spot, BVG, Bei­ersdorf and many more), music/fash­ion labels and cul­tural insti­tu­tions

wy. not?
  • work in an start-up envir­on­ment in Ber­lin-Mitte close to Rosenthaler Platz in an office loft or get things done from home
  • use a cloud- and digital based work­flow
  • work with your favor­ite devices and soft­ware you can per­form the best
  • wear gor­geous look­ing the wy. ori­ginal apparel

How to apply:

Juli­ane Ber­ger (
Employer will be mc-quad­rat OHG. The wy. stu­dio is a brand of mc-quad­rat OHG. We only accept people with flu­ent Ger­man and Eng­lish lan­guage skills.

Transformation needs com­mu­nic­a­tion. mc-quad­rat ist Kom­munika­tions­ber­a­tung und Kom­munika­tion­sagen­tur. Wir gestal­ten Kom­munika­tion zu ans­pruchs­vol­len The­men. Unser Fokus liegt auf Trans­form­a­tion­skom­munika­tion, interner und externer Cor­por­ate Com­mu­nic­a­tion, B2B- und B2G-Mar­ket­ing. Unsere Arbeit unter­stützt vor allem unternehmerische und gesell­schaft­liche Trans­form­a­tion­sziele mit dem Schwer­punkt der digitalen Trans­form­a­tion.

the wy. digital stu­dio & pro­duc­tion house
the wy. is our digital stu­dio and pro­duc­tion house. An inter­na­tional team of exper­i­enced cre­at­ive thinkers, film makers and ux spe­cial­ists design­ing emo­tional arte­facts for labels and brands.
Wir sind branchenüber­gre­ifend tätig; zu unseren Kun­den zäh­len Unterneh­men und Konzerne ebenso wie Insti­tu­tionen aus dem kul­turel­len, polit­ischen und sozialen Bereich. Unsere Cor­por­ate Cli­ents sind inter­na­tionale und große mit­tel­ständis­che Unterneh­men mit nam­haften Marken, Start-ups und gesell­schaft­liche Insti­tu­tionen und Organ­isa­tionen, die etwas bewe­gen wollen. So wie wir! Der Ans­pruch ist hoch, aber nicht abge­hoben.