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Head­start Aca­demy GmbH - e-Lear­ning

Cur­rently, there are 14.000 open job pos­i­tions for sales in the tech­no­logy industry, but only 4.000 pro­files. Tech­no­logy sales is a ful­filling career with great salar­ies and huge room for growth.
Head­start Academy is an online academy teach­ing ambi­tious gradu­ates the craft of sales via intens­ive 6-week boot­camps and pla­cing them at lead­ing tech com­pan­ies like Hub­spot, Per­so­nio, Sales­force or Zoom.

Our mis­sion is to give people access to bet­ter careers and lives by build­ing the edu­ca­tional model of the future: access­ible to all, per­son­al­ized to each indi­vidual and designed for employ­ab­il­ity.

Launch your career in the tech industry!

Are you good with people? You eas­ily con­nect with oth­ers and love to help?
We are look­ing for tal­ents like YOU. We - Head­start Academy - teach career starters the craft of digital sales via a 6-week online boot­camp and place you at lead­ing tech brands like Hub­spot, Sales­force and Zoom after­wards.

Work­ing field:

If selec­ted for our pro­gram, we will train you to become a tech sales pro­fes­sional in our 6-week online boot­camp and place you at a top tech com­pany.

After com­plet­ing the pro­gram you will likely start as a junior sales­per­son tak­ing over respons­ib­il­it­ies lis­ted below:

  • Con­tinu­ous out­reach to leads using tele­phone, email and social media (LinkedIn)
  • Qual­i­fy­ing these leads by deeply under­stand­ing their needs and motiv­a­tions
  • Sched­ule qual­i­fied calls / meet­ings and help senior sales col­leagues to con­duct them
  • Closely work with sales and mar­ket­ing col­leagues to help win cus­tom­ers


  • You are: pos­it­ive, curi­ous to learn and grow, will­ing to work hard, good with people, great at com­mu­nic­a­tion
  • Bonus: prior work exper­i­ence in a cus­tomer facing pro­fes­sion (e.g. all sales areas, mar­ket­ing, gast­ro­nomy / hos­pit­al­ity etc.)
  • Tools: good level work­ing with MS office suite (Word / Excel / PPT)
  • Lan­guage skills: Ger­man (flu­ent), Eng­lish (flu­ent)

What we of­fer:

Most import­antly: Our pro­gram comes with a job place­ment guar­an­tee. We have com­pan­ies like Hub­spot, Per­so­nio and Sales­force wait­ing for trained tal­ent that they need to sup­port their growth.

Our 6-week boot­camps involve:
  • gami­fied the­ory with videos, cases and quizzes
  • weekly indi­vidual coach­ing
  • heavy prac­tice of actu­ally per­form­ing real world sales at a train­ing com­pany
  • career work­shops
  • mas­ter­classes by lead­ing sales experts
  • lifelong access to our Head­start sales com­munity

The cost of the pro­gram is 4.000€ - if you don’t get a job, you pay noth­ing. Once we have placed you, pay com­fort­ably in 12 install­ments.

How to ap­ply:

Reach out to us via mail or dir­ectly apply using the link provided.